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11 October 2009 @ 04:14 pm
Rules & Dates  
Nominations: November 1 - November 30
Judging/Voting: December 1 - January 31
Results Announced: February 10


    What types of fics are eligible?
  • All fanfiction must be based on the BtVS/Ats fandom and must feature Dawn as a central character.

  • A WIP (Work-in-Progress) is eligible, but it must have at least three parts, and must have been updated within two months of the beginning of the judging period.

  • No RPF.

  • No crossovers. If the site is popular enough to warrant a second round, we might include a crossover category for round two, though.

    Who can nominate/be nominated?
  • Anyone can make nominations.

  • Judges and Mods may be nominated, but they cannot judge a category they've been nominated in.

  • Self-nominations are accepted; however, it is preferred that for every time you nominate yourself, you nominate someone else as well. This is not a hard-and-fast rule, and I won't be checking, but the best part of an awards site is spreading the love around.

  • Site mods may not self-nominate.

    How many times can I be nominated?
  • Authors can have up to six nominations overall.

  • A single work of fiction can be nominated in two categories.

  • An author can only be nominated once in a category.

    Nominations will be discarded if:
  • A valid email address or LJ username is not provided.

  • It is riddled with spelling, punctuation & grammar errors.

  • It is friends-locked or password-protected.

  • It is not nominated in the correct category.

  • The author declines the nomination.

    What else do I need to know?
  • Categories must have a minimum of three entries to go to judging/voting. Categories will contain no more than ten nominees.

  • Nominations will be taken in the order of author acceptance. First come, first served.

  • Categories that become full before the nominations process is over may cascade* at the mods's discretion.

About Cascading Categories:
Cascading categories are ones that might be split into further sub-categories, depending on the number and type of nominees. For example: the Best Romance category might split into Best Het Romance and Best Slash Romance, again, depending on the number and type of nominees.

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